Yes, with all the taxes.
Maintenance and preparation of the contract, is carried out in Russian.
Toll roads in the Czech Republic paid in full, as well on all machines eco-label pasted to the entrance to the center of large German cities.
Other destinations like Austria,Slovakia etc the customer pays
samostalno. But very often are more destvitelno time
“vinetki” from previous clients.
Yes, you can. Foreigners living in the Czech Republic permanently, you can take the car for a national driver’s license.
Passport, visa(for citizens that need it for entry to the Czech Republic), a driver’s license. INTERNATIONAL V. U. – does not require.
The average price of petrol(95)- 30 crowns and diesel -28 CZK. Usually in cities, cheaper fuel, major highways are more expensive.
All cars are fully insured “For auto rental”(“CTP”,”hull”), so the age and experience of the driver is irrelevant. If the insured event happened due to your fault, Your responsibility(Deductible) only the minimum of CZK 5,000, a maximum of 5% of the value of the damage caused to the vehicle you rented (For each insured event). If you are innocent in the accident – you pay nothing.
In contrast to the large network of companies where minimum deductible of 800 euros and you will pay it even if not guilty of the accident.
We have our own fleet of cars, most of which are not over 3 years old and undergo regular maintenance.
free assistance service throughout Europe, included in the rental cost. That is, if the car broke down or he can’t move because of an accident, it will take in Prague, respectively, and bring you. If the damage can be eliminated on the spot, drive to the nearest dealer and fix it. At the time of repair you free place at the hotel.
will help you if you have run out of petrol or you have forgotten the keys in the car or SEL battery I got a flat tire and spare tire.
Contact us and call the Police (In the Czech Republic 158 or 112), to Include “emergency gang” and set the emergency stop sign.
To wait for the arrival of Police to get their original police report.
If you are stopped by a police officer and the penalty amount is not very big, it is better to pay on the spot, because if the receipt will be forwarded by mail, the amount will increase. If you are caught on camera, video recording, receipt of payment of fine sent to the address of our company.
Then we all possible ways to contact you and send a receipt for payment to you, if you do not pay after 5 days, we pass a copy of your documents and the contract
rent the police of the Czech Republic.
If for any reason,be replaced. We will offer You a similar car or higher class at no additional cost. But in any case,the advance will inform You and agree on.
shipping for any booking of 3 days is realized free of charge in Prague including the airport.
When the Output rate – free delivery is not implemented.
Refund in all cases
109/108 Milady Horakove, Prague . If not convenient to return to the office, return to Prague – CZK 200, at the airport 300 CZK.
You can leave your car in the Parking lot on the street Milady 109/108 Horakove, Prague