Prerequisites for renting a car

  • For registration of the lease car You will need to present a passport and driving license (national, International not required)
  • The driver must be at least 18
  • Driving Experience matter
  • A refundable Deposit is 5000 to 30000 CZK depending on the vehicle class.

Terms of use:

  • The Car is available in rent in its pure form and is returned in the same (Small natural maximum)
    The car is available to hire and is returned with a full tank of fuel.
  • In the case of an accident or theft of the vehicle client shall immediately report the incident to the police and the representative of our car rental in Prague.
  • In case of breakdown of the vehicle the client should report the incident to the representative of our car rental in Prague and in the shortest possible time it will be replaced by car
  • The Vehicle must be used on public roads
  • It is Forbidden to make any technical and cosmetic changes in the car structure.
  • Do not use the car in sporting events (races, competitions, etc.).
  • Prohibits the towing of trailers and other machines.
  • Prohibited Smoking in the car.
  • Do not use the car for transportation of goods.


All our vehicles are insured “insurance” and “hull” ( with a deductible in the amount of CZK 5,000,a maximum of 5% of the value of the damage) ) with the territory of action of the European Union.
In case of damage due to your fault or theft, the customer shall be liable only to the amount of the franchise.
Additional equipment(GPS,child seat etc) car issued for free at the request of the client does not have insurance. In case of damage or theft the customer shall reimburse the cost of the equipment at their own expense.

Pay for the highway.

In the Czech Republic all the motorway toll,you need to purchase a special sticker on the windshield ,our cars already have it.But in many other European countries the motorway was also paid(Austro,Slovenia,Slovakia, etc.) When crossing the border You need to learn the rules of road use in the country and to pay road tolls if necessary. In Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the roads are FREE.

Liability for traffic violations.

In the event that you breach traffic regulations during the rental car you are solely responsible for the payment of fines.

Basic traffic Rules in the Czech Republic.

To operate a vehicle in the Czech Republic is allowed for persons older than 18 years. When driving, the driver and all passengers must wear seat belts. In the front seat allowed to sit for children over the age of 12. For children weighing less than 36 kg or 150 cm must use a child car seat.

Driving in condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or under the influence of potent drugs is a crime. The level of alcohol in the body of the driver must be zero.

On the roads of the Czech Republic there are the following speed limits:

  • in settlements 50 km/h
  • outside settlements and 90 km/h
  • on motorways 130 km/h.

When driving at any time of the day should be included dipped headlights. When waiting at a railway crossing – just Parking lights. To turn the fog lamps is allowed only in the rain and fog.

The audio signal must only be used for the hazard warning.
While driving no talking on the phone without using the system hands-free.

Vehicles with special signals have pre-emptive rights movement. These include police cars, ambulance, fire brigade and emergency services. Hearing the siren of a special vehicle with flashing lights, the driver must slow down, shift sideways and stop in such a way as to ensure free passage of the car.

A car moving in a circular motion, have the advantage. At the exit of the ring, you must enable the turn signal.

Turn svetofore if no special characters.

Pedestrians in the Czech Republic are at the junctions of absolute advantage, and the driver must stop and let them pass.


The police have the right to levy penalty for violation of traffic rules (SDA) in the amount of 5 000 CZK. The penalty for a large amount is to be paid at the post office or Bank. In case of serious violations, such as, for example, the presence of alcohol in the blood, the police are strict and the penalties are very substantial. For minor violations (overdue payment for Parking, etc.) the fine is usually from 300 to 500 CZK. Fines for small speeding (20 km/h over allowed in the village and 30 km/h beyond), mostly ranging from 500 to 2 000 CZK.
It is also possible the video recording of violations by forwarding the receipt by mail to the address of the owner (car rental).Normally the receipt comes after the delivery of your car. In this case, we svyazyvaetsya with you and offer to pay the fine, in the case of non-payment of your penalty , we will have to report your data to the police. You will be entered into a special database of offenders in the European UNION and in the future You will have problems with visa.

In addition to the fines, in the Czech Republic has a system of penalty points for traffic violations. Scoring 12 points (the maximum number), the alien will be forbidden to drive a car in the Czech Republic for one year. The number of points for one offence depends on its severity (1 to 7 points).

If You found this under the wiper blade “to the driver/ “Výzva pro řidiče” from the police (little white sticker with a handwritten number of the car, the address, date and time, stamped by the police of the Czech Republic, police in hours of work), it means that You violated traffic rules, most likely, the Parking rules. In this document, You need to appear at the specified address, usually the nearest police station, located next, to explain the reason for violations and to pay a fine or contact a member of hire.

the Mandatory equipment of the vehicle.

For operation on the roads of the Czech Republic, by law, cars must be equipped with certain set of tools, spare parts and accessories. All of our hire vehicles have emergency triangle, spare wheel with all the necessary tools for its replacement, road first aid kit, orange safety vests, a set of spare light bulbs, winter tires in winter period from 1 November to 31 March.


Parking is allowed only on the right side of the roadway, unless prohibited by signs. But this limitation does not apply to one-way roads, if the width of the roadway and road signs. Parking and stopping the car along tram tracks banned if between the parked vehicle and tramway remains a distance less than 3-5 meters. Prohibited Parking and stopping within 5 meters of the intersection, pedestrian crossings and public transport stops. Do not place the car closer than 15 metres from a railway crossing. Do not Park in the exhaust pipe to the pavement, the familiar RESERVE or place with a sign DISABLED. The white dotted line on the road or the signs allow Parking.

Parking can be free or paid. In Prague for the automatic payment of Parking are: from 6-hour maximum Parking – marked with a green circle (Green area), and 2-hour maximum Parking – marked with the orange circle (Orange zone). Blue line on the roadway (Blue Zone) permit Parking only vehicles with a special Parking permit residence card. Yellow line (Yellow Zone) prohibits any Parking.

Improperly parked cars may be blocked by the police special wheel blockers or taken to the penalty Parking police.
If You find the lock on the wheel of Your car, call the phone number on a piece of paper hanging on the glass door of the driver and report the car number and address. The police arrived very quickly and after you pay the fine will remove the lock from the wheel.
If You can not find your car where You left it, it probably means Your vehicle was towed by the police for impoundment for illegal Parking. Please call the toll free phone 156, report vehicle registration number and will tell you what address Your car is.

In the event of such situations is required to contact us and we will help you.